Emacs key binding Ctrl+Space not working on Fedora 16 GNOME or XFCE

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I installed Fedora 16 x86_64 and then installed Emacs. Then I logged in into (XFCE or GNOME) desktop and started Emacs. For text selection in Emacs I use Ctrl+Space ( which is the default in Emacs ), and is no longer working. So I cannot select text using Ctr+Space.

However, if I login into virtual terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F3), then login and start Emacs, the key-binding (Ctrl+Space) for text selection works fine. Therefore there is no problem in Emacs itself.

I suspect that the Ctrl+Space key strokes are intercepted by something in between i.e. either GDM or IBus but I am not sure which one. How can I fix it?