Tzinga - An energy drink startup in India

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An energy drink startup in India.

In, India we mostly consume only areated drinks. Energy drinks are kind of very rare to see if you consider both urban and rural landscape. So far I have come across a very few engergy drinks - RedBull, Tzinga, Could9, Rio etc. A friend of mine asked me to try this engergy drink called Tzinga.

Al three Tzinga

I received a package with all the three flavors ( shown in the picture above ). What’s my take on this?

The cost factor: The cost is really very cheap, at only Rs. 20, per packet. The kick: All of these contain caffeine equivalent to 1 cup of coffee.

The three flavors one by one, in the order I liked them. LEMON MINT: This is the best flavor in my opinion, very smooth and bit tangy. I and my friends liked it. TROPICAL TRIP: This again is a very smooth flavor. I and my friends liked it. MANGO STRAWBERRY: This one I didn’t like as it tasted a little bit bitter.

In sum, I would recommend Tzinga to all the energy drink fans.