Apache Incubator projects

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I was going through a list of Apache Incubator projects and I found a few really interesting projects, primarily because I could immediately relate them to some functionality I could readily use.

However, I have to say that the layout on the Apache Incubator projects makes it a daunting task to visit each and every project link to know the technology or domain a project name could be relate to. If instead of a project name matrix, there was a simple project list with Project Name, Technologies, Domain etc., it would have been far easier to identify the relevant projects.

Here is the list of ones I found interesting:


Openmeetings provides video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document editing and other groupware tools using API functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming.

If you have used remote collaboration tools ( e.g. ellumniate ) with chat, screen-sharing, audio/video conferencing etc. then you would realized how useful OpenMeetings would be.

Apache Dirll

Apache Drill (incubating) is a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets, based on Google's Dremel. Basically something very similar to Google's BigQuery.

It also has a discussion blog.

My understanding is that there are three kinds of processing we generally do on big-data:

1) batch processing i.e. analysis using Map-Reduce like frameworks

2) realtime processing i.e. process the data as it arrives using Storm for example

3) drill down processing i.e. find a needle in a haystack or a fine-grained search using a complex SQL query

Apache Drill would provide the last functionality (3).

I hope both of these projects will be good to watch out for.