On choosing Play2 framework

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I was wondering whether or not to learn Play2 Framework. I already know Ruby On Rails. The main criteria right now is to run a web-application that will use lots of code already written in Java.

Which one of Rails/JRuby or Play2 would be better when deploying on JVM? That is my main question. So far I have stumbled upon similar questions as below:

There are two criteria that I considered for selecting Play2:

  • Learning curve
  • Performance

For learning curve, definitely it would take more time for me to learn Play2 than just using Rails on JRuby. However, since Play2 is quite similar to Ruby On Rails, it would be fairly easy to map the concepts. Play2 provides type-safety, so some bugs will appear earlier at the time of development itself. I can choose either Scala/Java for development and also I can select different templates for HTML or JavaScript etc. For performance, I found something very interesting here.

I am getting a feeling that Play framework will perform significantly better that Rails/JRuby. Well, that remains to be seen for now.

I hope Play2 would be nice to learn.