UNIX and heavy duty printing

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UNIX and heavy duty printing

This weekend I had to ensure that the posters get done within two days. The challenge was that on Monday it was Holi ( the festival of colors ), so naturally no designing and printing available on Monday. Thankfully my friend was there for all the professional help, all the way from designing till printing.

Here in the pic is Saleem Ahamed standing besides the posters, who helped with all the designing and priting of BootConf 2014 posters. Applaud for him :-).

{% img center /images/bootconf2014/poster-and-designer-small.jpg %}

These machines grabbed my attention as desktop looked quite similar to GNOME Desktop. I suspected that these could be Sun Workstations. I actually did get the permission to type in uname -a on a terminal of these machines :-). What was stunning for me, was to see SunOS in the output and also GNOME desktop. UNIX does power the Digital Printing business on the Heavy Duty Printers ( from XEROX ). Interesting indeed.

{% img center /images/bootconf2014/workstation-sunos-small.jpg %}

Are there any Linux based workstations for heavy duty printing machines ?

Finally, here is the result of the hardwork: BootConf 2014 poster

{% img center /images/bootconf2014/BootConf2014-poster.png %}