Scala at BootConf 2014

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I attended BootConf 2014 today.

The day began with Arduino for Robotics by Naveen Kumar. It was such a wonderful 1 hour session, purely demo based, and very interactive. Second talk was Varnish Caching Server by Vivek Gupta. Vivek explanined how a caching server fits in a clustered environment and what all things that we can do with Varnish.

Next was my talk Introduction to Scala. You can find the slides here, and all the code for demo at this GitHub repository.

Finally, the last session was Open Stack by Sajid Akhtar. Sajid showed a high-level overview of how OpenStack is made, what the opportunities are, and how the contributers from around the globe make OpenStack an awesome project. OpenStack is the most popular Free and Open Source cloud provisioning and management system.

I had to leave early so I could not completely attend this last session. I also missed the Open House session, which I will catch up with tomorrow.

More details follow: