OAuth2.0 Server using Play! 2.0 Framework in Scala

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OAuth2.0 supercedes OAuth1.0 protocol, specifically in making it simpler to use. It supports different workflows as described in its specification RFC-6749. The most concise pictorial representation I found is here.

I created a Play! 2.0 Application in Scala which supports server to server token exchange using OAuth2.0 Protocol. You can find the project source code on GitHub at play-oauth2-server. Its a complete working server codebase, with:

  • Basic User login
  • Client registration with Callback URL
  • Auth Code generation
  • Authentication Token and Refresh Token generation

This application also demonstrates the following:

  • Twitter Bootstrap library using WebJars
  • Typesafe Slick 2 library for database access
  • Scoverage for Scala code coverage
  • and Specification Tests

To play with it, folow project README document. Please report any issues here.