How to configure 'is not responding' window timeout in GNOME?

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Everytime I load a heavy application such as Eclipse or Thunderbird, I see this annoying message which keeps repeating even if I press «Wait».

"Eclipse" is not responding.
You may choose to wait a short while for it to continue or force the application to quit entirely.
[Force Quit] [Wait]

I tried to search for a solution and found that the question is unanswered in both Ubuntu forum as well as Fedora forum.

So I decide to figure out what code is making the popup window appear. It turns out that the function named delete_ping_timeout_func is called whenever a timeout happens. Code with exact line number is present here .

However I didn’t find any code which reads a timeout value from some configuration file. Is there a mechanism using which I can configure the delete window timeout value? Essentially I would like to make the timeout value to about 4 minutes.

As an aside, I see that metacity developers mailing list has not had any post since year 2011. So is it worth asking it on that mailing list?