Single window mode in Pidgin messenger using window_merge plugin

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I wanted to view all the different chat windows and the buddy list side by side in a single window. There is no such feature in stock Pidgin installation. Fortunately I found a plugin for same from this ticket.

This plugin is available on Github project dm0-/window-merge ( thanks to David Michael / dm0- for creating it ! ).

You can find the build / install instructions on the wiki, however here is how you can do it on Ubuntu 14.04 and other OSes.

First install Pidgin development headers

sudo apt-get install pidgin-dev

Now build the plugin

git clone
cd window_merge
mkdir m4
autoreconf -fi
make install plugindir=~/.purple/plugins

Once it is installed, you have to enable it from Tools -> Plugins, then enable «Window Merge». Here is a preview of window merge in action:

Merge Windom Mode Rocks.