Compiz - Debian ; Up and running!

compiz debian

This is just a plain simple way to have Compiz installed on your system ( i use Debian Etch ). Install Compiz: $ sudo apt-get install compiz Now edit the xorg.conf file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf, add the following lines at the bottom Section "Extensions" Option "Composite" "Enable" EndSection Create a .xinitrc in your home directoy i.e. ~/.xinitrc with following lines: #!/bin/sh gnome-terminal & exec compiz Now, kill your current X server session by pressing Ctrl-Alt-BackSpace .

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Ruby Code Snippets


Code:, 10, 5)"%d days %H hours %M minutes and %S seconds")

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Finding duplicate files on your system?!

I ( and many others ) have a lot media files ( mp3, jpg, avi, etc. ) lying around in the system. I wondered that how shall I get the list of all the duplicate files lying in my computer. Writing a script in Ruby which identifies the duplicate files using the MD5 hash values of the files contents, was no difficult a task. Here is the script. #!/usr/bin/ruby ## This file finds all the duplicate files form a directory given ## at the command line.

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Learning Ruby

programming ruby

Ruby - The Programming Language Here a few links that are good as a first look while learning Ruby. General: :symbols in Ruby Writing daemons more to come…

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Emacs: the GNU's editor

emacs programming

I have been using Vim editor for past ( almost ) four years, but now I have switched over to Emacs. I find it more intuitive ( just a personal opinion ). While I was learning Emacs I had few queries. So, I have prepared a small HOWTO which might help a new emacs user. HowTo Colorize the syntax? M-x font-lock-mode Here M is the Meta key, which may be Alt or Esc (top-left corner of the keyboard).

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Virtual Machines for the modern programming languages.


The virtual machines are floating around for the popular languages of the present times. For instance look at the Parrot, YARVM, etc. Parrot is the intperpretter for the Perl 6. YARVM is probably going to be the virtual machine for Ruby2. The topic of Virtual Machines is becoming hot day by day for the system and software engineers.

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