Extract Text from from multi-page PDF with only Images

Sometimes there are only images in a PDF. In such cases you can not select text to copy / paste or just for reference. To extract text from an Image or a PDF containing only images, I used Tesseract OCR Engine and Ghostscript. I am running Fedora 19 at the moment, however these steps should apply to an older version of Fedora or Ubuntu. ( I believe this can be done on Windows as well ).

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Some nice Firefox addons for privacy

Firefox Privacy

I had attended Cryptoparty (Delhi) a couple of weeks back, where I came to know about some some really nice addons for Firefox. I am listing them below: HTTPS Everywhere Ad Block Edge Disconnect Collusion I hope you find these tools useful. Now you can discover how much your clicks and visits to various sites are being recorded. Enjoy! References: Cryptoparty Addons page

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Juniper Networks VPN from Fedora 17 x86_64

Fedora Juniper Linux VPN

I had to use Juniper VPN but apparently it doesn’t work well from Linux machines. To complicate the matter even more the underlying VPN software is 32 bit, but I am running a 64bit OS. I have outlined the setup steps here: Juniper VPN setup on Fedora 17 x86_64: https://gist.github.com/tuxdna/5926030 Although all these steps are specifically for Fedora 17/18 x86_64 bit OS, it should be easy to connect from Ubuntu machines too.

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Setting up NAT and MASQUERADE for sharing USB Tether connection over LAN

I the only source of Internet connection I have currently is my phone. I wanted to share this network with other systems, via a lan/wireless router. So here is a basic setup: Android Phone with USB Tethering Laptop ( Fedora 18 ) Wireless Router with Lan A desktop machine ( Fedora 17 ) Setting up Internet gateway: Laptop + Android Phone I connected Android Phone via USB cable to the laptop and enabled USB thether, so I have a usb device /dev/usb0.

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Understanding big Lucene index by inspecting a portion of it

Lucene Java

I was wondering if I could get a sample out of many huge Lucene indexes and inspect them with Lukeall on my machine. I quickly realized, that copying such indexes over network would be time consuming. First I googled for a ready-made solution so that I could copy on a few documents from the whole index into a separate ( small ) index. That way I could quickly understand the document structure.

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On choosing Play2 framework

Play2 Scala

I was wondering whether or not to learn Play2 Framework. I already know Ruby On Rails. The main criteria right now is to run a web-application that will use lots of code already written in Java. Which one of Rails/JRuby or Play2 would be better when deploying on JVM? That is my main question. So far I have stumbled upon similar questions as below: Play vs JRuby on Rails ??advantages of play framework for people coming from php / ruby / pythonThere are two criteria that I considered for selecting Play2: Learning curvePerformanceFor learning curve, definitely it would take more time for me to learn Play2 than just using Rails on JRuby.

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Emacs and Akka Pi example

Akka Emacs Scala

I was trying The first Akka Example here Install the TypeSafe stack on RPM distro: $ sudo yum install typesafe-stack Setup a g8 project: $ g8 typesafehub/akka-scala-sbt Akka 2.0 Project Using Scala and sbt organization [org.example]: in.tuxdna name [Akka Project In Scala]: akka-pi akka_version [2.0.1]: version [0.1-SNAPSHOT]: The I added the Pi.scala to src/main/scala folder. Then I tried to compile it from within Emacs, to check if it will be easier navigate compilation errors in the code.

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Attending Jamia Developer Day


Students at JMI University had organized JDevDay ( formerly CONF@JMI). This was a two day conference on FOSS topics. The agenda is listed here: https://jdevday.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/talks-in-jdevday/ I spoke on «Introduction to Scala», the slides of which are uploaded to slideshare and on github. It was so nice to meet all the speakers and attendees. I took a few photos which I have uploaded on flickr. JDevDay Rocks!

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Emacs Org Mode for creating and generating presenations

Emacs OrgMode

Last time I created a presentation in Org Mode was in 2010 here. Creating presentation in Emacs Org Mode and publishing it as Latex, PDF and HTML, is so awesome. Here are the links to get you started: http://orgmode.org/worg/exporters/beamer/tutorial.html http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/non-beamer-presentations.html And follow these simple steps ( I am using Ubuntu right now but the steps should be easy on Fedora too.): Create a slides.org file as in the tutorial above: Install Beamer class for Latex.

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Where the heck did agave go from Fedora...

Agave Fedora

Where the heck did agave go from Fedora 17 repos? Yes I am asking the same question already been asked in fedora forum [1]. Apparently it doesn’t [2] have any maintainer hence no build for Fedora 17. [1] http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=276162 [2] https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/acls/name/agave [3] http://home.gna.org/colorscheme/

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