Generating subsets

subsets algorithm

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Building GNOME from source code

GNOME build

Building GNOME from source code Reference: First download and install Jhbuild as mentioned at: Modify the configuration file like this: # -*- mode: python -*- # edit this file to match your settings and copy it to ~/.jhbuildrc # if you have a GNOME git account, uncomment this line # repos[‘’] = ‘ssh://’ modulesets_dir = ‘/home/tuxnda/work/dev/jhbuild/modulesets/’ # what module set should be used. The default at the moment is ‘gnome-2.26’, # but it can be any of the files in the modulesets directory, or even # the URL of a module set file on a web server.

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Adding DeviceKit-disks to Ubuntu

devicekit Ubuntu

Adding DeviceKit-disks to Ubuntu Adding DeviceKit-disks to ubuntu is fairly simple once you reach this page: Now add the following line to your software sources ( /etc/apt/sources.list ): deb karmic main Thats it!

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Building the Nemiver Debugger for GNOME on Ubuntu 9.04

GNOME nemiver debugger

Building the Nemiver Debugger for GNOME on Ubuntu 9.04 – the Jaunty Jackalope : Install the libraries $ sudo aptitude install libglademm-2.4-dev libvte-dev libgtop2-dev libsqlite3-dev libgconf2-dev libgtksourceviewmm-2.0-dev gnome-common libboost-dev Checkout the code $ cd ~/work/ $ git clone git:// nemiver.git Now build Nemiver $ cd nemiver.git $ ./ $ make

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What will be the future of IT in India?

IT future

What will be the future of IT in India? On one hand there is Recession in the US and on the other hand there is a potential Domestic IT market in India in the long run. Till recently in 2006, the IT exports from India were accounted 60% by the US, 20% by the UK and rest by other countries and India’s Domestic IT market. Recession in the US has changed this scenario.

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Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, and any man over 30 who is not a conservative has no brains. — Winston Churchill

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The meaning of poetry has no direction. It is like a sling; it is not under control. – Rumi Har ek zajbat ko dua nahi milti Har ek arzu ko zuban nahi milti Muskan sajae rakho to duniya hai sath kyuki Aansu ko to ankho main bhi Panah nahi milti – anonymous

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Collection of thoughts/poems

poems quotes thoughts

Few favourite quotes / poems / thoughts , which I have collected recently. What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun?… Or does it explode? – Langston Hughes, Harlem Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light, Adorns and cheers our way; And still, as darker grows the night, Emits a lighter ray. – Oliver Goldsmith A man used to ask his mother, ‘How can I find the right woman for me?’ and she would answer, ‘Don’t worry about finding the right woman- concentrate on becoming the right man.

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centericq: Text messaging for the Gmail+Terminal freaks!

terminal gmail centericq

centericq: Text messaging for the Gmail+Terminal freaks! How nice it is to just stay on the terminal with hands on the keyboard, staying away from that wierd mouse. I just configured centericq for that particular purpose. Its pretty simple. Step 1. Install the centericq package : $ sudo apt-get install centericq Step 2. Configure it for the Google Talk: $ centericq Server : Secured : yes Login : ******** Password : ******** Priority : 4 Update user details Set away message Drop Step 3.

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Prism - Mozilla's new offering!

Prism - Mozilla’s new offering! If you have access to a computer and fortunately also have an Internet connection, then it is pretty sure that your first task will be to launch a Web Browser. You want every thing to be on the web browser to access it, be it email, chatting, watching video, playing games ( maybe 3D games in near future ) etcetra etcetra. Yes its true most of the times.

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