Writing two books with AsciiDoc: Apache Mahout and Scala

Scala Mahout

For past few weeks I have been gathering my notes on two topics: Machine Learning with Apache Mahout and Programming in Scala. Now I have created two repositories for these two books, with source-code in AsciiDoc format. They are avilable on GitHub. Machine Learning with Apache Mahout Programming in Scala Read on!

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How to configure 'is not responding' window timeout in GNOME?


Everytime I load a heavy application such as Eclipse or Thunderbird, I see this annoying message which keeps repeating even if I press «Wait». "Eclipse" is not responding. You may choose to wait a short while for it to continue or force the application to quit entirely. [Force Quit] [Wait] I tried to search for a solution and found that the question is unanswered in both Ubuntu forum as well as Fedora forum.

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OAuth2.0 Server using Play! 2.0 Framework in Scala

Scala OAuth2 Play2 Slick2

OAuth2.0 supercedes OAuth1.0 protocol, specifically in making it simpler to use. It supports different workflows as described in its specification RFC-6749. The most concise pictorial representation I found is here. I created a Play! 2.0 Application in Scala which supports server to server token exchange using OAuth2.0 Protocol. You can find the project source code on GitHub at play-oauth2-server. Its a complete working server codebase, with: Basic User login Client registration with Callback URL Auth Code generation Authentication Token and Refresh Token generation This application also demonstrates the following: Twitter Bootstrap library using WebJars Typesafe Slick 2 library for database access Scoverage for Scala code coverage and Specification Tests To play with it, folow project README document.

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Machine Learning with Ruby

MachineLearning Ruby

This post is about the talk I was supposed to give at Ruby Camp 2014, Delhi/NCR. After all the preparation, slides and code I missed it. Unfortunately, I fell sick overnight and I couldn’t make it. Apologies for that. The best I could do is upload all the material online on GitHub and my website. the code is on GitHub at this repository: tuxdna/rubyml. the generated slides are also online here Thats all!

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Auto-refresh Firefox on each change after editing your source code


Lets say you have a bunch of source code files in a project. Whenever you change them, you want some HTML to be generated. After that you go to browser to see how the change looks now. Here is the workflow: Step 1: Change file(s) Step 2: Run a build script to generate HTML Step 3: Open / Reload the page in browser Well we can automate all the three steps into one using a couple of tools and some scripting magic.

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YouTube World Cup 2014 videos not showing in your region?


I was using Chromium Browser on Linux, to see World Cup 2014 videos on YouTube. Some videos were not available in my region because of restrictions by region. If you are also seeng the same message, the you may want to setup a SOCKS proxy, and use that to bypass the YouTube restriction. For this to work, you need an SSH server what is located in some region from where you can access such videos.

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Creating Desktop Shortcuts for Scala IDE on Linux

Linux Scala

Download the Scala IDE from here, unzip it at ~/software/scala-eclipse, such that the contents look as follows: $ pwd /home/saleem/software/scala-eclipse $ ls artifacts.xml configuration eclipse eclipse.ini epl-v10.html features icon.xpm META-INF notice.html p2 plugins readme Create a launcher script for Scala IDE /bin/scala-ide, and make it executable: $ cat /bin/scala-ide #!/bin/bash /home/saleem/software/scala-eclipse/eclipse $ chmod +x /bin/scala-ide Configure launcher icon ~/.local/share/applications/scala-ide.desktop. You can copy a config file from /usr/share/applications/ directory and make changes as follows: $ cat ~/.local/share/applications/scala-ide.desktop [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=Scala IDE GenericName=Scala IDE Comment=View and edit files MimeType=text/english;text/plain;text/x-makefile;text/x-c++hdr;text/x-c++src;text/x-chdr;text/x-csrc;text/x-java;text/x-moc;text/x-pascal;text/x-tcl;text/x-tex;application/x-shellscript;text/x-c;text/x-c++; Exec=/bin/scala-ide %F TryExec=scala-ide Icon=/home/saleem/software/scala-eclipse/icon.xpm Type=Application Terminal=false Categories=Utility;Development;TextEditor; # StartupWMClass= Now you can invoke scala-ide from shell ( command line ) or via desktop search (Alt+F2).

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Machine Learning with Mahout and Scala

This post is coming after a long time. Apologies for that. Alright, this one is for the fans of Apache Mahout and Scala programming language. I had given a talk on Machine Learning with Apache Mahout and Scala ( slides ) at OSDConf.in. The code examples are present on GitHub at this repo.

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Scala at BootConf 2014

Scala BootConf

I attended BootConf 2014 today. The day began with Arduino for Robotics by Naveen Kumar. It was such a wonderful 1 hour session, purely demo based, and very interactive. Second talk was Varnish Caching Server by Vivek Gupta. Vivek explanined how a caching server fits in a clustered environment and what all things that we can do with Varnish. Next was my talk Introduction to Scala. You can find the slides here, and all the code for demo at this GitHub repository.

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BootConf 2014 and Octopress


Last week, I setup the infrastructure for BootConf 2014 website and its deployment workflow. Essentially the website is based on Octopress with a mix of Git + SSH to ensure we deploy to a staging site first and then to the live site. Its all working nice for us. Octopress Setup Here is how I set it up: On a server machine On a staging server setup two Git+SSH Repositories or you can use GitHub for this step.

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